Creative Process

For me, art is an intuitive process. An idea, concept or flash of an image in my brain is all it takes and I am off and running. I enjoy the process and the expression of the idea more than anything- I like to see what can happen. A good friend and teacher of mine once said I had a swirling mind. I say it’s like having 2,386 tabs open on the computer all the time, my brain floods with ideas.

I start with an idea and then decide which medium will work best . As you explore my site you will see that I like to use just about every medium there is . While that can be confusing at times, it can be wonderful at others. I find the greatest challenge is to stay open and let the piece tell me where it wants to go. When I begin to work, I try to stay very loose keeping my eyes open for gifts that can come from the materials and the process. The end product can be realistic or completely abstract. No matter what course I take, there is a little of my DNA in every one of these pieces.


In the early years of my life, I was showing art and running a business in Miami. Then I, like many women, took time off to raise my family. In 2004, once my youngest child reached middle school, I opened an art studio. I started with 10 students and, at one point, grew to over 300. Kokol Art Studio and Gallery is still open in South Tampa, it is a wonderful place that I very much love. Maintaining this studio has been a full time job for the last 15 years, but as you will read in my experiences below, I am a big believer in giving back to the community. Since 2012, I have started to focus more heavily on creating on my own work. Along with the studio in South Tampa, I have another in my St. Petersburg home.

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